How can you keep your team safe?

Our experts in security, access control, and fire safety systems have created a simple checklist for facilities and maintenance teams to conduct a basic site evaluation. 

Spring is the perfect time to conduct a site evaluation. Whether your security system needs upgrading, or windows and doors need new locks, use our spring safety checklist below to identify opportunities to improve your facility’s safety.  

Security & Building Structure  

Replace window and door locks. Check to see if the harsh New England weather has damaged any access points to your facility. Upgrade locks, and improve seals to ensure all access points are safe and secure.  

Inspect and repair any broken siding, roofing, etc as well. Update any exterior locks, fences, or other physical barriers designed to deter theft.  

Critical Facility Protection Systems  

Run a fire safety check. Test fire extinguishers and replace any expired equipment. Do a practice drill, and update the safety plan with your team to ensure everyone knows where to go and how to act in case of an emergency.  

Security Access Control 

Update access control. Evaluate your primary entrance for safety opportunities. This includes taking a look at technology (keyless entries, badging systems, cameras, etc) and the low-tech components (check-in protocols, guest policies etc). Make sure your team understands both the policies and the technology in place to enforce them.  


Check Exterior Lights. Replace any burnt out bulbs, and upgrade to motion-activated or timed lights wherever possible to create better exterior lighting. 

Our team are experts in security, access control, and fire safety systems. Call us today to conduct an extensive site evaluation to protect your assets and keep your team safe.  

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