Navigating the Secure Equipment Act of 2021

The Secure Equipment Act of 2021 identifies a specific group of manufacturers—and their affiliates—as a credible threat to US national security. The act directs the FCC to deny those manufacturers the licensing required to sell or install their products in the US. This effective ban will be enacted on or before mid-November of 2022.

Why will the Secure Equipment Act ban specific manufacturers?

US National Security Advisors, as well as several private security research firms, found that many devices coming from the manufacturers listed in the Act contained critical security vulnerabilities, such as hard-coded, default user accounts and passwords, along with several types of embedded cryptographic keys that can give an outside entity “backdoor” access to your network.

What manufacturers are on the list?

What does this mean for security systems utilizing technology from these manufacturers?

Anyone who has systems in place using equipment from manufacturers referenced in the Act should mark them for replacement. For some customers, having the listed equipment in place may not be an immediate concern, but replacing this equipment should be prioritized, especially depending on the sensitivity of the network it is connected to. Keep in mind that the manufacturers listed above produce equipment for many other security technology companies around the world, and it is surprisingly easy to unknowingly purchase it from one of their partners or affiliates. The best strategy for avoiding listed equipment is to only purchase NDAA Compliant devices.

What should your next steps be to prepare for the Secure Equipment Act?

Reach out to us if you need help determining if you have affected equipment or how to go about replacing it. Mt Major Tech sells only NDAA Compliant equipment to our commercial, small business, and residential customers.

Where can I learn more about the Secure Equipment Act?

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