How to protect your home this fall

With summer winding down, now is the perfect time to do some quick checks on your home security and safety.  

Check for loose window and door locks.

With the harsh New England Winter on the horizon, now is the time to evaluate your window and door locks to see if they’re still in good working order before the colder weather hits.

Replace exterior lighting for better nighttime security.

Upgrade to motion-activated floodlights and replace exterior lightbulbs. Better lighting to keep your home safe and secure through the night, especially as the days get shorter and the nights get longer.

Trim bushes and shrubs for a better line of sight.

Removing things that block your line of sight and provide an opportunity for people to hide on your property can help keep your home more secure.  Fall is the perfect time to trim back vegetation on your property.

Freshen up your landscaping

Making sure your home looks well-maintained can ensure that potential thieves know that homeowners are paying attention to every little detail. Landscaping helps to convey the message that the home is maintained, checked on, and cared for.   

Check door security

Gate latches, garage doors, and shed locks are all in good working order. The winter weather can be brutal, make sure that alternate access points are in good working order.  

Update home inventory with your insurance provider.

The spring is the perfect time to update your home inventory list. After the holiday and spring cleaning, you can better assess what valuables you need to keep track of.  

Repair house numbers.

House numbers need to be clearly visible from the street to enable emergency personnel to quickly and easily find your address.  

Upgrade doors & windows.

The warmer weather is the perfect opportunity to upgrade doors, locks, and windows to more secure options.  

Create secure storage for outdoor equipment.

Lawnmowers, bikes, and more should have a secure storage solution to protect them from theft.  

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